Vehicle Health Check

27 Point Vehicle Health Check - Yup, It's FREE

Just because your car is clean and shiny, and the engine starts, doesn't mean all is well.

In fact, in our experience, there are often hidden things going on which unless you have access to a ramp and a skilled technician - you'll simply find out about only after they go wrong.

We're firm believers in 'prevention being far better than the cure' which is why we offer all customers our 27 point vehicle health check.

It's a FREE check that will take a comprehensive look right around your car, and check everything from the fluids to your brakes, cv gaitors, tyres and lights, hopefully identifying any minor problems well before they have a chance to make a claim on your wallet.

It's FREE , so just call us on 01223 423 982..........and if something needs fixing, don't forget to check out the special offers section to see just how much you can save.

OR.....simply join our 'Car Club' and get even better guaranteed savings!