We offer 2 choices of tyres...........New, (branded or budget) AND part worn.

We're competitively priced on new......and brilliant on part worn. And if we don't have it in stock, we can normally get it within 25 minutes.

Part worn tyres typically come from vehicles which are no longer on the road... they may be part of the car scrappage scheme, or simply have been uneconomical to repair - either way, even if the owner has just invested in new tyres.........they're off the road

Another way to look at it is - when you buy a used vehicle, it comes with used tyres...same brand, same quality, just slightly lower tread.

The big plus is that this slightly lower tread comes at a far lower price!

If you need tyres and want to make really good savings, just call us and ask about new and part-worns and see how much you can save.

Join our exclusive 'Car Club' and make even greater guaranteed savings everytime you need tyres...... Call us now on 01223 423 982.