Tyre Advice

Tyre Advice - It's easy to be safe, not sorry!

Your Tyres are a key factor in your car behaving the way you expect it to.

If the tread depth is low you'll find the handling, road holding and your stopping distance change beyond all recognition.......particularly in the wet.

The thing is that whatever the weather.........whether it's hot, cold, snowy or raining, we place our trust, and the safety of our family in 4 small circles of rubber. We happily expect our car to brake, corner and steer exactly as we ask it to.........but if our tyres have minimum tread, they can't throw water off the way they're designed to, and their ability to stop a car weighing anything over a ton is severely reduced!

To put it in perspective - New tyres come with around 8mm of tread. The minimum legal limit is 1.6mm, and as your tread decreases, your stopping distance increases DRAMATICALLY!

A 1.6mm tyre will take almost 100 feet futher to stop than an 8mm tyre.

Keep an eye on your tyres. Illegal tread could mean points on your licence and a hefty fine (up to £2,500.....for each and every illegal tyre).

Low tyre pressures will affect fuel consumption, and cracking, bulging and uneven wear are all indicators which could radically affect your safety.

A quick way to check your tyre tread depth.

Checking tyre depth is straightforward. Turn your wheel out from the body and take a close look at the tyre -  you'll notice that part of the tread running across the tyre has bars on it. Once these bars are level with the rest of the tread, you're at the minimum legal tread depth.

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