Servicing your Car

Services come in 2 main categories.

An interim service which is normally an oil and filter change and a general check over, and a major service which is far more in depth, covers many more things, and is normally based on the mileage of your vehicle.

All our services are carried out to manufacturers specifications.

How to keep costs down

Modern cars are designed to have longer periods between services, but they still need looking after.

Oil, clutch and brake fluids all break down over time, and it's common sense to have them replaced at regular intervals.....doing so should help prolong the life of your vehicle and its major working parts.

Have a regular FREE vehicle health check

Simply having a FREE visual health check can stop minor problems becoming major ones, and help keep repair bills to a minimum.

Join our exclusive 'Car Club' and lock in guaranteed savings everytime you have ANYTHING done!

Membership of our Car Club gives you exclusive savings on anything you might need doing.......AND it can be used on any car you choose...... yours, your family's and even your friends for as long as your card lasts.

For a specific quote for your car just call us on 01223 423 982..........and don't forget to check out the special offers section to see just how much you can save.